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Why start a school?

  • We always wondered if one day, we would begin one. Realizing the disciplinary problems in public schools, the errors being taught in public schools, the need for a Bible-based education, the expense of most Christian schools, and the inability/lack of desire of some to homeschool, we felt that this is an important ministry.

Capability to start a school:

  • Initially, we thought in the traditional sense of needing a classroom for each grade level and this would be a huge project/expense. However, realizing that we could place multiple grades in one room, we began exploring this idea. All we would need is a qualified teacher and it just so happens that the Pastor's wife, Nikkie Corbin, is a qualified teacher.

What is the school like?

  • All grades, 4-year-old Kindergarten through third grade meet in one building.  

  • There are now 3 school options: On-site, Online, or Homeschool Support.  See below for more information.

  • At the on-site school, there are times when the class does things together, or when the smaller children do group activities, or older children do group activites, but mostly, they do individual work.

  • The lessons are mostly on video.  The students watch a video of a teacher teaching a particular subject.  Then, he/she completeswork in his/her book. When the student has a question, he/she notifies a teacher to come and help. Throughout the day, the teacher(s) not only answer questions but monitors the kids' work and at times, works individually with students. Younger kids will need more, and therefore receive more, attention. Their classroom set-up is also a little different.  There is hands-on work, also, especially for the younger kids.

  • A full class day is 8:30 am - 2:30 pm. Four-year-old kindergarten is a half-day program, ending at 12:00 pm.  

  • We have field trips throughout the year.

  • We emphasize family and encourage family support and involvement throughout the year. God created the family first and this is very important.

  • We have uniform dress - cloth or jean pants and polos or button-up shirts.  This is to ensure appropriate dress.  On field trip days, everyone must wear a red polo.

  • We have a high academic standard as well as a Biblical foundation.

What about the curriculum?

  • We primarily use A Beka Academy, a conservative, Christian curriculum, for the on-site school.  It includes videos of a teacher teaching each subject.

  • We primarily use Ignitia, another conservative, Christian curriculum, for the online school.  It is all online and includes online grading, projects, games, and more.  

  • Other supplementary items

What is the Online option?

  • For 3rd grade - 12th grade, we have the option of students joining us online.  They do their school work online, using Ignitia, a online tool provided by Alpha Omega Publications.  They can even attend TCCA parties, field trips, and other activities if they are local.  However, online students will need adult supervision and will be responsible for all their materials including, but not limited to, computer, appropriate software, science project materials, art materials, etc.

What is the Homeschool support option?

  • For homeschool families in Spartanburg who want support and help as they embark on the homeschool journey, and desire for their children to be able to get with other Christian children and participate in activities and field trips, we provide the Homeschool support option.  We are NOT an accountability group, but a support group.

What about testing?

  • We do not have yearly testing.  If someone wants his/her child tested, this may be arranged.

PO Box 1905 - Spartanburg, SC 29304 - (864) 585-3006
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