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Positions Available

All positions at Truth Chapel Christian Academy are volunteer, with the potential of becoming a paid position in the future.

Below are positions that are currently available, descriptions of each position, and qualifications of workers.  If you feel led to volunteer for any position, please complete the application and you will be contacted for an interview.  Please note, though we have much need for help and a lack of funds to pay, we are also very particular about making sure the help is qualified and capable of fulfilling the positions and will not lower our standards.

Please note that the positions that are marked with an * are immediate needs.  All others are positions that we would love to have filled in the future.

Teachers (3rd-12th grades):

The 3rd-12th graders primarily use an online curriculum, and teachers may teach via Skype from any location.  

Teachers must be Christian.  In English, History, and Science classes, subjects about faith will be very dominant, and the teachers should be people we can trust to bring a correct view and insight on the lessons.

Teachers should have a college degree, preferably in education, but not necessary.  

We are looking for teachers for various sbujects, so he/she may be proficient in just one area, and that is fine.  For example, a math teacher will only be teaching math, and will not have to be proficent at History.  However, in all subjects except math, writing skills and grammar will be necessary as students will be writing papers and need good teacher feedback and grading.

Preferably, we will find teachers who can teach the following subjects:

  • 3rd-6th grade Math

  • 7th-12th grade Math (includes geometry, algebra, precalculus, and calculus)

  • 3rd-6th grade English

  • 7th-12th grade English

  • 3rd-6th grade History

  • 7th-12th grade History

  • 3rd-6th grade Science

  • 7th-12th grade Science

We may also need teachers with other specialties who can teach elective classes like computer, music, and art.

Any of the teaching can be done via Skype and would only require the teacher to dedicate about an hour a day of their time.

The students have most of their "teaching" via their online curriculum.  However, teachers will be need to be avaible to answer questions, and at times, add to the learning by providing extra illustrations and discussions.

Teachers must be up-to-date on technology, have a laptop or computer that they can use, and have Internet, Microsoft Office, and Skype.  

Teachers will be given a graphic tablet to use
and will need to go through training at various times on the online curriculum and other software.

Grading of projects and essay questions will be necessary but all other grading is completed by the computer.

*Classroom Monitors:

Classroom monitors must be Christian, firm leaders, and capable of enforcing and maintaining TCCA's rules.  

The classroom monitor begins the day leading the students in the pledges, a devotional, and prayer.  

Some students have electives, hands-on projects, etc.  Monitors will assist with these as needed.  

must have good classroom management skills, a love for working with young people, and patience.

*Assistant Teacher (4K-2nd grades):

The 4K-2nd grade class does a lot of work via video and workbooks.  But they also have hands-on activities, story time, etc.  The assistant would need to be able to help in all these areas, and when the teacher is out, be able to maintain the classroom for the day.  Must have a high school diploma and work great with small children.  Must also be good with technology.

Job Application Form
Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please check above for available job opportunities that meet your criteria and send your application by filling out the Job Application Form.

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